Enbio S isolated 3





eyeMobil is excited to now carry the Enbio-S Sterlizer!  Priced at nearly half of a new Statim, it will perform seamlessly for your sterilization needs.   The Enbio-S Sterilizer is perfect for ensuring quick and reliable sterilizing for your next mission or for your in office procedures in the US.  The Enbio-S sterilizer is a Swiss made, portable and rapid vacuum steam sterilizer and is FDA approved. 

Unwrapped instrument times of 7 minutes and wrapped instrument times of 15 minutes are standard with dry instruments that come out when finished.  Enbio has developed a sterilizing method using vacuum that minimizes distilled water usage and uses 1/3 of the water of a Statim.  It's overall weight is 32 pounds and we have developed a special Pelican Air case with custom cut Kaizen foam that keeps the shipped weight to around 42 pounds. 

If you have questions about obtaining an Enbio-S for your mission or office, please contact us at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.