VK system

The Vision Keys Digital Visual Acuity System is being released November 2023 for our global community.  Vision Keys has been developed over 3 years and has been tested in a busy multiple satellite office clinic with over 80 lanes.  

Vision Keys stands out for it's ease of use and attractive pricepoint for a full featured digital visual acuity system including hardware compared to it's competitors.

Features of Vision Keys include:

• Compact Universal Portable Digital Visual Acuity System
• Works in any language 
• Custom compact wireless keypad controller 
• Snellen, New VK Numbers, Tumbling E, Landolt C, Allen figures and HOTV 
• Feet or Meters; Mirrored or Nonmirrored lanes 
• Vesa mount for wall or table top placement  
• Easy lane size calibration from 5 feet to 25 feet

top mount angledeyeMobil has just released it's proprietary adjustable mount for the EPIC II microscope!   This innovative yet simple addition is being released with every new EPIC II microscope and can be added to any prior generation as well.   The surgeon can now decide which mount option is the best one for his or her preference.   Pictured below are the most popular mount configurations.

We would recommend the top mount angled position or the hangdown angled position as some of the most useful.  

acetal wl 1eyeMobil participated for a second year at the Kellogg Eye Institute MSICS wetlab course.  This course is arranged by the Kellogg global fellow who is Miles Greenwald this year.  Residents from all four years (PGY-1 to PGY-4) participated in learning the steps of MSICS.  The faculty this year included guests from Aravind Eye Institute - Dr. Divya Manohar and her husband, Dr. Karthik Srinivasan and eyeMobil Co-Founder, Dr. Stan Pletcher.

PhotoRoom 20221106 233815If you have an older Zeiss Opmi-1 or Opmi-6 microscope, consider allowing using the eyeMobil LED conversion kit.  This will allow these older quality optical microscope heads to be even more dependable with LED and to run via battery. 

The EPIC Wetlab setup is new as of spring 2021.   This slimmed down version of our popular EPIC microscope comes packed in a Seahorse case which is easy to transport or take a checked luggage on an airplane.  The microscope is easy and quick to adjust for any height of surgical simulator or wetlab eye model and runs off of 110 V or 12V battery just like the EPIC II microscope.  

wetlab scope small