We are happy to announce that the EPIC II Microscope is finally in production and has been released in 2019.  We are excited that this new model is the result of several years of innovation and improvement to our original EPIC1 model.

The EPIC II model features some of the following:

  • New dual axis red reflex enhanced LED lighting system with redundancy

One of the most innovative parts of our EPIC system is our custom LED lighting system.  You will find that the color temperature of the LED is virtually identical to the Halogen system that you are used to.  In addition, it is low power consuming and allows the EPIC microscope to run nearly 24 hours straight on our battery power.

The battery may be charged at the end of the day or during the day while using the microscope however, if the power does go out, there is not even a flicker of your lighting since the battery continues to power the microscope.  In addition, the microscope can be powered by a car battery with our 12V battery connector cable.

The idea for a better portable microscope has been born out of necessity as the airline industry has continued to decrease the size and weight requirements for luggage.  In the past, the way weight has been addressed is to consider a table mounted microscope or a Tripod floor system.  Both of these styles have their issues and at the beginning we decided that neither of these mounting systems was desired.

m2720In order to travel safely, we turned to the best case maker in the industry - Pelican.  The Pelican case is proven and reliable and it is what we wanted for protection of the EPIC line.  However in order to to utilize a Pelican, we had to commit to having the complete microscope and floor stand at 30 pounds or less given the nearly 20 pounds for a Pelican case.

You'll find the EPIC portable microscope full of innovations that have been several years in the making. The following are some of the innovations that you'll enjoy: